We at Realty Services appreciate all business opportunities from all sources. If you know of a SW Florida property owner in need of our professional property management services OR folks who are looking for a great rental home in SW Florida AND you have a real estate license (anywhere), we will be most happy to send you a property management referral fee. Simply complete the form below and fax,mail or send it to us.

Realty Services Property Management
2525 Parkway St.
Fort Myers, Fl. 33901
(239) 939-1233    FAX (239) 275-8325

Realty Services has Offices in Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres and North Port also.

Three steps to E-Z money

Step #1. Fill out the information on this form.
Step #2. Fax or mail to "realty services".
Step #3. Receive referral fee upon completion of lease/management agreement.

Please complete either:
Section "A" for a property owner/investor seeking property management services;
OR Section "B" for rental tenant referrals.

Section "A"-Owner/lnvestor Information                                               Section "B"-Rental Prospect Information
Name(s): __________________________________________        Name(s): _________________________________________
Phone: (home)_____________________________                          Phone: (home)_____________________________
            (work)______________________________                         (work)____________________________________
Type of Property: ____________________________________        What type and city does the referral want: ______________

_____________________________________________________        _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________        _________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________        _________________________________________________

A referral fee will be paid when an Owner/investor selects "Realty Services" to manage their property or when a prospect leases an Realty Services home.

Referring Agent: ____________________________________________________
Company: _________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________________________

We'll keep you informed on the status of your referral!

Property management is our only business! When the referred prospect/owner decides
to purchase or sell, we refer them back to you.

Thank you for your referral!